Chapter Bylaws

Walden University Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi Bylaws
Developed May 14, 2009

Bylaws for the Walden University Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education

Article 1 – The Chapter

Section 1 Name
The designation for the Walden University Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi is the Alpha Epsilon Xi Chapter.

Section 2 Purpose
The purpose of the Walden University Chapter shall be to promote excellence in and to recognize outstanding contributions to education.

Section 3 Chapter Year
The chapter year shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30.

Section 4 Authority
In all matter of organization and procedures, the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rituals of the International Society of Kappa Delta Pi shall have precedence and should be consulted.

Article II – Membership

Section 1
The Membership Committee shall determine the most appropriate manner by which to offer and receive applications for Chapter membership. The following minimum requirements shall apply.

1.1 Chapter Membership
Membership in the Walden University Chapter is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty members, and other professional educators.
1.11 Undergraduate
When seeking membership as an undergraduate student, a candidate must:

1.111 have no less than first-term sophomore standing (the equivalent of at least 30 semester hours earned by the end of the term prior to the time of initiation)
1.112 have at least 12 hours (or the equivalent) of professional education courses programmed, in progress, or completed, except in fifth-year credential programs.
1.113 have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher for all coursework completed.
1.114 exemplify worthy educational ideas
1.115 express an intention of continuing in the field of education.
1.116 give evidence of leadership abilities

1.12 Graduate
When seeking membership as a graduate student, a candidate must:

1.121 have full graduate standing at Walden University.
1.22 have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher for all graduate coursework completed.
1.123 exemplify worthy educational ideals.
1.124 express an intention of continuing in the field of education.
1.125 give evidence of leadership abilities.
1.126 have completed six (6) or more semester hours of graduate work at Walden University.
1.127 have at least 12 hours (or the equivalent) of professional education courses programmed, in progress, or completed except in fifth-year credential programs.

1.13 Faculty
When seeking membership as a faculty member, a candidate must:

1.131 be a faculty member of Walden University.
1.132 give evidence of support for the Chapter and its programs.
1.133 the number of faculty initiated at any one initiation ceremony shall not exceed the number of other initiates.

1.14 Professional Educators
Persons employed as teachers or administrators in local schools may be invited to membership upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee and the approval of the Executive Committee.

Article III – Finances
The Chapter Treasurer, with the assistance of the Counselor and Walden University Finance Office Staff Members, shall keep accurate records of the assets and the liabilities of the Chapter, and shall receive and expend Chapter monies as the Executive Committee directs.

Section 1 Initiation Fee
The Chapter shall remit to the Society Headquarters of Kappa Delta Pi required information for each initiate, along with the required fees within two weeks of initiation.

Section 2 Local Dues
Annual dues in the amount of $50.00 for a one year membership (which includes $47.00 for National Dues and $16.00 for Walden University Local Chapter Dues) or $98.00 for a two year membership (which includes $94.00 for two years of National Dues and $32.00 for two years of Walden University Local Chapter Dues) for the Walden University Chapter shall be determined by a majority vote of active members present at a regular Chapter meeting and submitted to Headquarters on the Annual Report.

Article IV – Initiation
All candidates for membership in the Walden University Chapter shall be initiated according to the prescribed Society ritual. Members initiated previously by another chapter of the Society may be formally received into the Walden University Chapter according to the official Society reaffirmation ritual.

Article V – Chapter Officers
Officers of this Chapter shall consist of the following: President, Vice President of Programming, Vice President of Awards and Recognition, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Historian, and Educational Foundation Representative(s). Additional officers may be elected at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Section 1 Qualifications
Officers must be active members of the Chapter at Walden University and the Society.

Section 2 Election
Officers for the Society year shall be elected, installed, and reported no later than July 1st of each Society year.

2.1 Nominations
Names of the candidates for office must be submitted to the Executive Committee no later than two weeks prior to the election.
2.2 Voting
A majority vote of active members shall be required for election.
2.3 Vacancies
Should a chapter office become vacant because of resignation, neglect of duty, or other causes, the Executive Committee may appoint a chapter member to fill the vacancy.

Article VI – Chapter Counselor(s)
Each Chapter must have a minimum of one Counselor.

Section 1 Qualifications
The Chapter Counselor must be a member of the university faculty, if an institutional chapter, and an active member of the chapter.

Section 2 Selection of Counselor and Associate Counselor(s)
Unless institutional rules or policy direct otherwise, the Counselor and Associate Counselor shall be elected in the same manner as the Chapter officers, except that these persons shall serve two-year (2) terms. The Counselor’s term shall coincide with the Society’s biennium, while the Associate Counselor shall be elected during the odd-numbered years to facilitate Chapter continuity. There is no limit to the number of terms a counselor may serve. The Executive Committee of the Chapter shall determine whether or not there shall be an Associate Counselor.

Article VII – Meetings
At least two (2) chapter meeting, one of which shall include an initiation ceremony, shall be held during each Society year.

Section 1 Quorum
A quorum shall be declared when at least three (3) members of the Executive Committee and five (5) other active Chapter members are present.

Section 2 Notice of Meetings
The Chapter Secretary shall provide written notice of each meeting of the Chapter by posting information at an approved location, or through a mailing to active members.

Article VIII – Committees

Section 1 Executive Committee
The officers of the Chapter, the Chapter Counselor, and the Chapter Associate Counselor(s) shall constitute the Executive Committee. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to direct the activities of the Chapter, to act in cases of emergency between regular Chapter meetings, and to ensure the timely completion of all required reports. The Executive Committee may call meetings of the Chapter, other than the regular meetings, for the purpose of discussing or acting upon Chapter business. The Executive Committee shall conduct initiations, or appoint a delegate with said authority.

Section 2 Standing Committees
The following committees shall be appointed annually:

2.1 Membership Committee
The Membership Chair shall chair the Membership Committee. This committee shall have the responsibility of collecting the names of persons eligible for membership. It shall validate and rule on all qualifications for membership for each such person. The Membership Committee shall then present this information to the Executive Committee. The Chapter Counselor shall serve as a regular, voting member of this committee.
2.2 Program Committee
The Vice President shall direct the Program Committee. It shall be the duty of this committee to prepare programs for each meeting of the Chapter, and such meetings and Chapter-sponsored events as the Executive Committee may designate.
2.3 Other Committees
The Executive Committee shall have the authority to appoint other committees (e.g. Publicity, Bylaws, Nominations, Hospitality, Initiation, Scholarship) as the need for these may arise.

Article IX – Amendments
The Bylaws of the Walden University Chapter may be amended at any regular meeting of the Chapter by a 2/3 vote of active members present, provided that a copy of the proposed amendment(s) has been sent to all active Chapter members at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.

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