iLead Workshops: Become a Teacher Leader!
iLead workshops are designed to help members become more effective teacher leaders. During these full-day interactive institutes at convenient locations across the country, participants take part in small and large group activities that help them learn about transformational leadership for educators, including how to create and implement a vision for teacher leadership. As members learn practical leadership skills, they increase their capacity for making a difference in the lives of their students, their school building, and the education profession overall.

Registration and more locations coming soon!

After participating in iLead, members will:

  • Articulate their educational vision for leadership.
  • Compare their vision with the reality of teaching today, use their vision to identify areas of improvement, and set goals toward positive change.
  • Apply necessary skills for implementing change while working toward their vision of teacher leadership.
  • Develop networking and teambuilding skills that foster the growth and development of their vision.
  • Create a shared vision of the future with others.
  • Leave encouraged, energized, and confident to face the challenges ahead as teacher leaders.

Who should attend?
All educators are welcome, but active KDP members–undergraduate, graduate, and professionals (especially new teachers)–should attend an iLead workshop! Locations for iLead are selected based on the convenience and centrality of their location. The workshops are an opportunity for KDP members to meet face-to-face with one another and make professional connections throughout the area. It is not only an occasion for professional development, but also a wonderful chance for students within chapters to meet future colleagues and like-minded peers.

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