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Literacy Alive!

18 Mar 16
AEX Board
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Literacy Alive! is Kappa Delta Pi’s signature service initiative in which chapters and individual members are encouraged to participate by hosting events and programs that bring empowering literacy skills to their participants.

For more than 20 years, Kappa Delta Pi has led an effort among our 40,000 members to participate in Literacy Alive! Activities range from a simple book drive for a community center to a literacy program at a local library to specialty projects that work with disadvantaged children, military families, and victims of natural disaster among others. The ability to read is an essential skill that impacts everyone.

Projects can be submitted under the categories below.

Literacy Alive! Program Categories

  1. Cross Curriculum Programming
  2. Strong Community Partnership
  3. International Impact
  4. Culturally Responsive (Meeting the Needs of a Diverse Population)
  5. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Programming

To find out more go to the Literacy Alive page on KDP.

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